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Recent research

Our research allows us test out the theories we develop through working with some of the most exciting clients in the world. As a boutique consulting firm it sets us apart from other smaller players, bringing us to the cutting edge. Click on the relevant link below to download a research report:

Research: Courting Disaster – How Planning for Failure Can Boost Your Project's Chances of Success
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Research: Moving Beyond Planning - Our Traditional Alignment Models Need Rethinking
In the first of the studies relating to our recent major research on Strategic Leadership, Square Peg looks at some of the alternatives to our outdated alignment models.

As leaders we have traditionally agreed that leadership should align with strategy. But our study has confirmed that, given the pace of change in strategies, this theory is simply not operationally practical. In short, it is becoming impossible to effectively use that old strategic concept of 'aligning the organisations to the strategy'. Instead, senior leaders need to ensure that the organisation's DNA (values, culture, brand) is instilled in the minds of leaders in order to provide the organisation with a formula for sustained success through times of change.
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Research: The new world demands a new view of strategic leadership - moving beyond planning
Success is not achieved by developing great strategies or plans, nor is it achieved by great leadership alone. Without a clear direction even the best leadership is ineffective and excellent strategy with poor leadership is pointless.

We believe that organisations often inappropriately invest significant resources into their strategic planning and management processes thus diverting executive focus away from the real emerging issues and the need to run the business in step with its changing environment.

Our research focuses on the interaction of strategic leadership, planning and the creation of value in times of change. 'Moving Beyond Planning' is the working title of our 2006 thought leadership research that we believe will significantly change the way executives look at their strategic leadership and planning process.

The initial findings were presented at an Executive Briefing at the Imperial War Museum. To view a copy of our initial findings PDF  Download this report

To reflect the multi-faceted nature of this research, over the next few months Square Peg will present four in-depth studies covering the areas of:

  • the need to rethink our alignment models, given the speed and magnitude of change.
  • planning as a dynamic, real time, on-going process.
  • leadership capability - building ahead of the performance curve.
  • policies and processes - enablers not barrier to progress.

Research: Stop throwing good money after bad - breaking the wasteful leadership development spiral
Do you find yourself spending thousands on leadership programmes designed to fulfil your employees’ expectations, rather than bring strategy to fruition? Square Peg has been taking a fresh perspective on the topic of investing in leaders and aligning them to strategic intent. Based on our research, global thought leadership forum, and input from our client review meetings we have been exploring the consequences of leadership development investment being divorced from strategy. Utilising the image of a spiral to outline five key stages where value can be eroded, we identify what is required to correct the erosion of investment in leadership, and start to challenge the paradigm of aligning leadership to strategy. The intent of this work is to challenge organisations to stop throwing good money after bad in their quest to develop leadership talent.
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Research: Saving executive coaching from the fad graveyard
Is it a fad, a risk management tool or just glorified therapy? Should your organisation be paying for it and how can you tell if it’s worthwhile? Audiences in Toronto, London, and Madrid have confirmed the findings of this thought-provoking study that explores Saving Executive Coaching from the Fad Graveyard.
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Beyond lip service - is your organization toast?
Suddenly the business landscape has changed and you and your organization have to change with it. Are you ready? Many clients say they are, but our recent Square Peg International report suggests that most organisations lack the implementation of clear strategies, required leadership bench-strength, and effective aligned people practices. In short, they talk a good story but most need to move Beyond Lip Service and truly focus on driving business success by focusing on the basics.
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