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Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are increasingly popular amongst companies seeking rapid growth, but they can be risky strategies if the cultural and human factors are not properly managed. Although the legal, financial and operational aspects of M&As traditionally receive the greatest attention, executives who have been through the merger process are beginning to recognise that managing the cultural and human side of change is critical to maximising deal value.

Management in the acquiring company is often unprepared to deal with the post-merger dynamics and politics that can lead to reduced revenue, increased cost, or unmanaged risk. Underestimation and/or lack of consideration of the people or cultural integration challenges and the impact of varying leadership styles are some of the factors that can erode expected “deal value”. Any resulting loss of customers and revenues can actually negate the anticipated benefits of the consolidated organisation. An effective integration plan that directly confronts any cultural factors will avoid such “deal killers.”

Square Peg has many years of experience of helping organisations to maximize deal value by managing the cultural transition issues of M&A situations whilst still:
• Meeting multiple stakeholder expectations;
• Managing the impact of ego-led acquisitions and unrealistic coalitions; and
• Minimising declining productivity, performance, and morale during times of change.

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