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Design changes

We believe FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION. The form your organisation takes must support individuals and teams to best undertake the functions required to deliver the goals. It is therefore critical to understand the proposition that your organisation is promising to its shareholders and customers and the value chain of critical activities needed to deliver on those promises. Effective organisational design does not start with boxes and charts, but with a fundamental understanding of the business strategy.

Resizing, downsizing and capsizing!
Resizing your organisation? Is this the best response to recovering prosperity or merely the least creative solution to dwindling profitability and an unforgiving competitive environment? Square Peg can take a hard look at the steps necessary for a successful resizing.

Now that you have taken your company apart, how do you put the people back together? Restructuring may have changed your company for the better. But it may also have weakened something vital to your competitive edge and growth: the commitment of your people. Redefining an organisation is not enough to make it grow. Growth requires an engaged workforce. We can help put your people back in your business and energise the human resource.

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