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For years, many of us at Square Peg International tried to fit into the round hole of the large product pushing consulting firms before coming to terms with our ‘square peggedness’ and joining forces to build an international boutique focused on solutions.

Our associates work everywhere in the world. They come from large multinational organisations and small focused specialty firms. They have been CEOs, line managers, strategists, senior leaders and HR experts. They have been in the thick of things. Many of our associates have managed major change, provided stability in crisis situations, led complex initiatives, been in the throes of reorganisation and experienced the politics and stress of board operations.

Most of our associates hold an MBA or equivalent combined with extensive backgrounds in management and consulting. While our Managing Director, Doug Ross, generally directs all projects, senior associates frequently play key roles as lead consultants or project directors.

Pictured: The Square Peg Team at Play

Square Peg team

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