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That means that good references aren’t just nice to have, they are absolutely essential to our success. Our success formula of growing one client at a time works.

We now provide support to clients all over the world, including organisations such as The Coca-Cola Company, Iglo Foods Group, AstraZeneca, Chiron Vaccines, Woolworths, HEB (the 10th largest retailer in the US), Eurotunnel, GE HR (Europe), GE Commercial Finance, Perot Systems, Barclays Bank, Bremer Financial, ICI and Cancer Research UK.

As a small focused firm we can dedicate the attention and time required to develop long standing, valued relationships with our clients – more than 20 years in some cases.

We provide global support when it’s needed
Currently, we have clients in Canada, US, UK, Ireland, Germany, Africa and Italy. We were recently awarded a global coaching assignment bringing together over 30 Square Peg senior associates enabling us to cover every major country in the world. We were particularly pleased that in this case the client preferred our approach to that of many large consulting firms.

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