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We do this as an organisation and as individuals. Some of the things we are doing are detailed below. If you would like to know more about any of these initiatives, please email info@squarepeg.com.

Raising and donating funds
As part of our commitment to give back to our communities we organise a number of fund-raising events throughout the Square Peg year. Our annual summer Polo charity event is held in aid of St Catherine's Hospice, a local charity dedicated to providing end of life care to individuals and their families, and our community bonfire event raises funds for many local groups and services.

Square Peg are also pleased to support Cancer Research UK and their local fund-raising initiatives as a Corporate Friend.

In the past we have organised wine-tasting in support of the Royal Marsden hospital, run marathons and taken part in climbing challenges in aid of African charities, and supported other major charities such as Cancer Research UK. These fund-raising events are in addition to the other ways in which our associates like to give, be it in time or skills, such as youthwork, pastoral care, etc.

We were called upon by the North & West Africa Business Unit of the Coca-Cola Company to help plan and facilitate a major Business Unit meeting in Luxor, Egypt. The objective was to launch two new key strategic initiatives. Our task was to design and facilitate a meeting that swiftly built understanding, passion and engagement across a team of 180 people presenting 28 different countries – from Egyptians to Nigerians. As part of the Coca-Cola Company’s commitment to local Communities, the whole group volunteered time and resources to refurbish a Luxor primary school. Square Peg’s Phoebe Dunn was proud to participate in this brilliantly worthwhile activity, which fits well with Square Peg’s giving back to the African communities where we operate.

Phoebe and teamThe team at work in the gardenPhoebe at work with some turf!Phoebe and team

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'Pro bono' work
In the past, our associates have carried out a range of 'pro bono' work including secondment to a large African charity foundation, and supporting VSO on a regular basis. We feel this commitment clearly reflects the integrity and values of our organisation.

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